5 Best Job-Finding Websites To Land Your Dream Job In 2017

Job-Finding Websites

If you are serious about finding a more fulfilling and higher paying job than the one you currently have, by all means do read on!

As some of us have learned the hard way, finding and landing a dream job is borderline science fiction. Navigating through thousands of career and job finding websites, job boards and niche communities can indeed be daunting and time consuming.

This is why we decided to narrow this list down for you and give you 5 currently most popular and most effective job finding websites to help you in your dream-job-finding quest.

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If you are looking for a freelancing online job that will leave you enough time in a day to pursue more than just one career, Freelancer is definitely the place for you. This website has posted over 11 million freelancing jobs to date and it offers online jobs in 600 categories including:

  • website development
  • mobile apps
  • software architecture
  • internet marketing
  • graphic design…


UpWork is another amazingly effective website for finding and landing freelancing gigs. According to their estimates they post around 3 million part-time, short-term and freelance gigs annually worth $1 billion.

These numbers do sound rather promising.


This platform specializes in IT, OEM & POS support, as well as consume electronic installation and repairs. If UpWork and Freelancer fail to find you a gig, OnForce should be your next destination.


Indeed is a huge, Google-like search engine that can help you find a job in no time. It is one of the most efficient sites for surveying listings as it aggregates data from job boards, news sites and company listings.

This platform allows you to search by:

  • location
  • keywords
  • salary range.

Folks over at Indeed claim they have 200 million unique visitors a month, while their page is available in 60 countries and 28 languages.


Glassdoor is perhaps the best place to start your job search. This platform boasts tons of new jobs that are added on a daily basis, while it allows you to search by:

  • job title
  • key responsibilities
  • company
  • location.

Plus, it provides employee reviews on company culture, senior leaders and salary information just to give you a ballpark for your always-tricky salary negotiation.

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