Facebook Introduces New ‘Jobs On Facebook’ Feature, Linkedin Might Be Over

jobs on facebook

Is there anything Facebook can’t do? This popular social media platform recently did a potentially game-changing tweak called “Jobs on Facebook” and is now allowing employers to post job openings directly to this platform.

Although this feature currently works only for the United States and Canada, it might turn out to be a huge deal for Facebook and all stay-at-home moms and stay-at-home dads across America, while it may also potentially be bad news for LinkedIn.

Companies have been using their Facebook pages to promote their products, but also to post job openings for potential candidates because, well, that’s where their potential employees hang out.

Now, Facebook is making a dedicated spot for those looking for jobs, making this arduous task that much easier.

Facebook Vs LinkedIn

It appears that Facebook is the future of stay-at-home jobs. Why? Because they realized that LinkedIn was transforming into a more personal platform, so why not turn Facebook into a more professional and job-oriented one, right?

Thus far, LinkedIn was a platform where people posted a professional profile photo, gave updates about their career successes and looked for jobs. Facebook, on the other hand, was “where we could let our hair down a little bit and get more personal,” as folks over at Big Think so nicely put.

But now Facebook saw a slam dunk opportunity to merge the two together, and it seems they are indeed onto something.

Linkedin Might Soon Be Obsolete

“For users, this means that Facebook could become a one-stop-shop that merges their personal and professional lives. This subtle change may have a profound impact on LinkedIn’s future, along with how you typically interact on Facebook,” says Big Think.

The new “Jobs on Facebook” feature focuses on the underemployed, freelance/independent, stay-at-home parents, contractors, and all those users who are not actively seeking new employment. Since the underemployment rate in the United States is currently around 14%, this might just be the answer we were looking for to decrease this rate across the US.

“Jobs on Facebook” will, among others, target lower-skilled positions and more transactional forms of work, and with the simple “Apply Now” button via which applicants are able to add, edit, and review forms, finding a stay-at-home job as a freelancer will be rather easy.

Let’s hope.