Almost 50% Of Jobs To Disappear Over The Next 25 Years, Oxford University Says

Is this good or bad news for us freelancers and stay-at-home moms and dads? Find out below.

As AI, robotics, and other modern technologies continue to blossom in this modern day and age, economists across the globe are predicting a HUGE loss when it comes to jobs and employment.

According to Art Bilger, an expert at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, almost half the jobs will disappear over the course of the next quarter of a century.

All the developed nations of the world are about to experience job loss rates of up to 47% within the next 25 years, a recent Oxford study says. Although these include both blue and white collar jobs, thus far the loss has been tangible within the blue collar variety only, particularly in manufacturing.

He also warns that, not only will the concept of employment change in its entirety and rather dramatically, the trend is pretty much irreversible.

Online Jobs Appear To Be Safe, For Now

It is predicted that by the year 2034, almost all mid-level jobs will become obsolete, which means that this inevitable technological revolution might wipe out the entire middle class. “Not only will computers be able to perform tasks more cheaply than people, they’ll be more efficient too,” say folks over at Big Think, and continue:

“Accountants, doctors, lawyers, teachers, bureaucrats, and financial analysts beware: your jobs are not safe. Computers will be able to analyze and compare reams of data to make financial decisions or medical ones. There will be less of a chance of fraud or misdiagnosis, and the process will be more efficient. Not only are these folks in trouble, such a trend is likely to freeze salaries for those who remain employed, while income gaps only increase in size. You can imagine what this will do to politics and social stability.”

However harsh and alarming this may sound, new tech startups and online businesses might be the answer.

The good thing is that, although mechanization and computerization cannot be stopped, we must learn to accept it and adapt to it. New tech startups and other online companies are blooming; the Internet is becoming a fertile landscape for businesses all around the globe, which leads us to believe that this new type of companies might absorb those who have been displaced.

The future is indeed in online startups, and the future is now.