These Are The 3 Types Of Intelligence You Need To Be Successful In Life

Be Successful In Life

If you think that someone who is considered to be intelligent merely has a high IQ and that’s enough, you’d be wrong. But how can we figure out if we are intelligent enough to succeed in life?

According to psychologist Robert J. Sternberg, it goes way beyond our IQ.

Sternberg actually perceives intelligence as a wide interplay between the following 3 aspects of our mind:

  • analytical
  • practical
  • creative

He called this “the Triarchic theory of intelligence” and claims there are 3 different types of intelligence a person can have.

1. Analytical Intelligence

Analytical type of intelligence is how many horsepower your brain has. It is the coveted, raw and pure brain-power we use to process data, analyze information or solve problems.

What is interesting is that this kind of intelligence (that is measured by IQ tests) simply isn’t enough to determine someone’s overall intelligence.

We need 2 more, and next up is:

2. Creative Intelligence

This one is our favorite. Creative intelligence is triggered when we need to think creatively and adjust effectively to fresh data and new situations.

According to Big Think – “This kind of intelligence is also responsible for synthesizing information and gaining insights. Another way to think about this is having the ability to use the knowledge and skills you already have to manage novel or unusual situations.”

Which brings us to:

3. Practical Intelligence

Practical intelligence is exactly what it sounds like – your ability to deal with daily tasks in the real world. Another, more colloquial expression, is “street smarts” and it shows how you relate to the external environment.

This also involves adapting to and transforming the world around you.

“Intelligent behavior involves adapting to your environment, changing your environment, or selecting a better environment,” says Sternberg.

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