3 Secrets To Writing Great Content, According To Real-Life Experts

Writing Great Content

The Internet is flooded with mediocre content. There are numerous articles on how to make genuinely engaging content that will actually reach and breach your target audience, but most of them won’t really help you do just that.

But in the sea of average articles and tips on how to write truly remarkable content, sometimes you want to cut straight through all that mediocrity and glean genuine expert advice from true masters in the field of content writing.

Here we have 3 such personas who tried to sum up and reveal their main secrets of their content marketing success.

Let’s get busy!

Don’t Write For Everyone

Although it might be tempting to come up with content that will be so ubiquitous that every person online will want to read it and share it, this is downright impossible.

Instead, do listen to the tip submitted by Sarah Arrow, a talented blog coach and the main lady behind Birds on the Blog, a page that was listed 3 times by Forbes as a top 100 website for women:

“To create content that stands out, you should focus on the one thing the reader can takeaway from what she’s reading and take action on. When you know how something impacts upon your reader you tailor everything to help her and it will stand out from the crowd. The biggest mistake any writer makes is to think they can write for everyone.”

Niche-Based Writing Is The Key

A good content writer writes well; a successful content writer answers questions!

Here’s what Joe Pulizzi, the founder of the legendary Content Marketing Institute, has to say about this:

“A blog post should answer one key question that is of critical importance to the target audience. Most bloggers I know aren’t 100% focused on what makes the audience tick…and it’s all about the audience.  To make blogging really work for you, we need to target as niche an audience as possible.  The more niche, the more relevant…and the more likely your content will consistently hit the mark.”

Find Your Own Style And Angle

We, content writers, need to understand just how vast the internet really is and that we probably won’t be able to come up with something that hasn’t been done before. This is where your unique angle and style should come into play.

“Quite often the content I write about has been written about before but I just make sure to come up with my own angle, in my own style and I also make sure it’s much better than any other piece of content out there.  So I aim for the best content but not necessarily original content all the time,” says Ian Cleary, the social media tools wizard for Social Media Examiner and founder of Razorsocial.