Why You Can’t Make $200,000 A Year Doing Part-Time Online Jobs


Being able to make money online is a great way to help earn some extra income. If you already have a job and need more money, you can get a good supplemental income in various ways by working online part-time.

You cannot, however, expect to make $200,000 a year working part-time online jobs. It just will not work. Here are some reasons why it just is not possible for most people.

Most part-time online jobs are low paying

While it certainly is possible to get a number of part-time online jobs, many of them do not pay very much.

The competition is often high, and you often have to be willing to take low pay in order to get the job.

Depending on the type of job, most people offering part-time work typically pay low because they know they can find someone who is willing to do it at their price.

It takes time to find good paying part-time online jobs

If you are already working full-time, then you need to be aware that it takes a considerable amount of time to find decent paying jobs. If you want to aim for $200,000 per year, then it means that you will need to take only the best paying jobs, or you will definitely come up short of your goal.

Do the math and discover what you need to make weekly

In order to make $200,000 per year, it means that you will need to pull in $3,846 per week, or $16,667 per month. This is an incredible amount of money.

While it is possible, it certainly is not the norm. Remember that most people who try to make money online fail completely and never make a dime. In order to make this much, you certainly would have to know what you are doing, and you would have to be very good at it.

The internet is constantly changing


Depending on how you plan on making your money, many people who use the Internet to get a part-time income find that online changes can drastically and instantly affect your business. One week you may be doing quite well and then the next week you may not be able to make anything. This is especially true if you rely on the search engines to bring you traffic.

If it were easy, more people would be doing it

Think about it for a minute. If it were that easy to make money online, wouldn’t there be more people doing it? How many people do you know that are making that kind of money now?

The reason you hardly know anyone is because, despite the hype, it is very difficult to do. In fact, only about three percent of Americans make that much or more annually and very few of them are doing it working part-time – online or offline.

Part-time online jobs typically provide a part-time income

While it certainly is true that you can make $200,000 per year working online, the truth is that those who are doing it took a long time to get there. Instead of looking for instant riches, it may be a better idea to look at it like a business.

This will enable you to get a right perspective, and realize that you will not get there overnight. By building your part-time business slowly and steadily, you can gradually increase your income over time.