How To Find Your First Client As A Beginner Freelancer – 3 Killer Tips


We know how hard finding clients as a beginner freelancer can be. It can take quite a while and it can be a rather tedious and arduous process that might wear you down pretty easily.

But don’t fret, though. Finding a first client is always the hardest step, especially when you have no reputation or credibility, so make sure you don’t give up just yet.

Here we have 3 paramount tips on how to get the ball rolling, and once you manage to do that – you better get ready for the snowball effect!

1. Don’t Be Shy, Tell Everyone About Your New Endeavors

This one relies heavily on the theory called “the six degrees of separation”, which basically says that we are all just six steps away from any other person in the world. You should use these odds to your advantage and try to get your first client locally.

Not everything has to be over the internet.

Talk to your friends, your very own mother, father, sister, cousin… they might know someone that wants to hire you.

2. Be Realistic And Patient

Now that you know that the odds of finding a potential client are not so slim as previously thought, you need to remember that you are not looking for the job of a lifetime – you’re looking for your first client, a single reference that will help you set forth.

This practically means that any connection will do. So, make sure you:

  • lower your expectations,
  • be realistic,
  • and be patient.

Far too many fresh freelancers tend to be too idealistic. That’s not good.

3. Don’t Exclude Local Marketing

Another big mistake is that new freelancers usually fail to utilize offline marketing in their business. They forget that there IS in fact a little something we call “the offline world”, so they rely only on online gigs, where the competition is dire.

As a beginner freelancer you need to think locally as well, so try the following:

  • Posting flyers and ads in popular places
  • Participate in various local community events
  • Networking with professionals
  • Hosting local events of your own