Freelance Design: Why Client Relations Are Key


Switching to being a fulltime freelance designer is no game. It is a difficult, scary, and bold move, but if you feel you are ready, it usually means you ARE.

Making mistakes is normal, crucial even, when learning how to deal with clients, organizing your work hours, how to grow as a person and as a freelancer, etc.

However, nowadays you don’t need to make those mistake yourself, someone has already made them and you have the privilege to learn from other people’s mistakes.

In this column, we will be covering some of the basic tips on how to become a successful freelance designer. Buckle up.

Client Relations Are Key

First things first. Clients are perhaps the most important aspect of your freelancing career. You are here for them and they will help you build your portfolio even more. This is why we are giving you some straightforward tips taken from, that will help you get a nice head start.

  • Never undersell yourself to your clients.
  • Try to explain your process in simplest terms to your clients.
  • Great customer service goes a long way.
  • Always take deposit.
  • Go the extra mile for your clients, it will pay off
  • Be professional. Always.