Disappointing Truth About Making Money On The Internet


The promise of making money on the Internet continues to draw more and more people every day. After all, what could be easier than making money from home on your own computer? Unfortunately, many people find out too late that it is often not what it seems. Many people spend thousands of dollars looking for that easy way to get rich, and end up greatly disillusioned and poorer. Here is a truthful look at why you are apt to be disappointed when making money on the Internet.

Some do get rich

There is no doubt that it is possible to make a lot of money by working online. It is also true that people still are doing it today. In spite of that, it is not nearly as easy as you read in the advertisements. Most ads are from the few that have become successful, and from many more that want to be successful but are not there yet. Have you ever noticed that in their ads that you only hear about the few that succeeded – but never about the much larger number that did not succeed?

The odds are against you

Although there are many ways to make money online, most people will never make more than a couple of dollars. The odds really are against you. In fact, only about 3 percent of people will succeed at making any money online. The other 97 percent will fail. Many of them will keep on investing thousands of dollars while they follow their dream of working on the Internet.


Internet marketers are often scammers

Many of the so-called gurus who are selling all kinds of products and books online are actually giving you a lot of hype. While most of the materials are good, they conveniently leave out some key information in their materials. This causes those who like those gurus to keep on buying from them. Their followers are the key to their riches. The gurus are also continually producing new materials to keep the money flowing.

Marketing is often based on individuality

Many of the marketers have unique personalities. Their personalities attract people and they use it to their advantage. While this is not saying that your personality will not work, the truth is that what works for one individual is not going to work for someone else. In some cases, a particular business model may not work well for you, but it might work very well for someone else.

There are no magic buttons or formulas

The truth about success online, or anywhere, is just plain hard work. Getting started with a successful online business will take a lot of work to get started. It will take work to keep it going, too, but this can be simplified as you go along. One of the best ways to get started is to create a real business plan. Do the research, too, so that you really know what you are doing before you ever start.

Ordinary business principles will work

If you really want to make money online, it is essential that you stop listening to the gurus and the ads. Start paying attention to ordinary business principles and people. Networking and meeting people who can help you is very important even in an online business. Business principles are the same whether you are working online or offline, only the location is different.