7 Items to Sell on EBay at a Nice Profit


3. Made in Occupied Japan

Items that were made in occupied Japan after WWII (between 1945 and 1952) are identified in two different ways, either being stamped “Occupied Japan” or “Made in Occupied Japan.”

Over the years there has been some confusion as to what types of items fall into this category, which was thought by many to only include ceramic items like cups and saucers.

However, the items that were produced in Japan during this time period and exported to other countries actually fall into a wide variety of manufactured goods including cameras, toys and Zippo-inspired lighters. These finds will most likely attract bids on the higher end of the scale.

Japan was occupied for a period of 7 years and items made during this time are more valuable to collectors. The rarity of the pieces and the historical significance of being made in occupied Japan, are two reasons collectors place more value on items with this coveted stamp.

At the time, items made that were stamped “made in occupied Japan” were cheap novelties meant for export throughout the world. They also made copies of European ceramics that were popular. Because these items were made cheaply, many have not lasted throughout the years and are difficult to find.