Get Paid To Play Video Games

As a computer games tester it would be your job to play games in order to spot any bugs and errors that need to be fixed before the game goes on sale.

You don’t need formal qualifications to become a tester. Your playing skills and knowledge of the games market will be more important to employers.

To get started, check out the following game testing sites. They are easy to apply to, trustworthy and – best of all – you don’t need any degree to get the job.

1. Become A Game Tester


Beginnings are always tough, even when it comes to testing games. You need an edge to top other gamers to land that job. Become A Game Tester will certainly provide you with enough advantage to start your career in the video game industry.

With this product alone you’ll most likely land your first game tester gig. Become A Game Tester is over 80 pages of critical information that will put you head and shoulders above other job hunters who are also seeking to get paid for playing games.

It teaches you how to find video game tester job openings, how to become a game developer, what is involved in being a game tester, how to find game testing jobs at home and much more.

Out of all the products out there, Become A Game Tester is one of the few that could give you insight on how to really start testing out games.

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2. Gaming Jobs Online


Gaming Jobs Online is one of the best programs that gives users an idea about the gaming business and describes how a person can make money through playing games. By playing these games, gamers earn money as well as they increase their performance.

In fact there are so many sites that give money to the players to play their games. Gaming Jobs Online is a third party gaming company that connects the major gaming companies with gamers.

The site is the best gaming site since it started in 2008. The job of the site involves getting opinions from the gamers about the games that are posted from the gaming companies. The gamers need to play the games and give their unbiased opinions after completion.

This enables them to get paid for their simple fun effort. The Gaming Jobs Online website gives access to hundreds of paying game sites, game programming companies, and game makers. The site users can find lots of job opportunities related to gaming.

The site is renowned for ease of making money without restrictions. The video tutorials form the added advantage for the user as it is not included in the other similar sites.

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3. Game Testers Academy


Game Testers Academy is a series of successful guidelines in order to connect you with big gaming developers who pay high price for quality testers. Together with training material, action plans, and instructional videos, this product will introduce to you plenty of benefits that can place you on the path of a successful game tester.

Videos that cover all areas of gaming testing jobs, like applying & interviewing for your first position as a game testing professional. Here is a short list of some of the videos that you will be provided with:

  • Learning from the existing movers and shakers in gaming industry
  • Tips from the leading global game testers
  • Gaming conventions videos
  • Video of cutting edge video game company representatives
  • Video seminars and training video material
  • Upload your private videos

Plus new videos are added each month. Flexibility of decision plus the ability to generate instant final results will be the capabilities which make Game Testers Academy one of a kind in the marketplace.

Game Testers Academy‘s design and style is elegant and eye-catching. Besides, you usually do not have to be a tech savvy to understand the instructions. Even a beginner in the field would not obtain any difficulty in receiving acquainted with the product inside no time.

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4. Video Game Tester Secrets


With Video Game Tester Secrets website you can become a video game tester and know the ins and outs of the industry. It provides everything you need for the job, and it’s a fact that it works.

The membership costs only $27, and for that you get a full guide on becoming a game tester. The next part tells you what to look out for when companies advertise at the non-obvious places to find the adverts.

Finally there is the crucial list of contacts for gaming companies that you can apply to. This list includes dozens and dozens of companies that employ people in the gaming industry – from testers to graphic artists, to senior producers.

All in all, it’s definitely worth checking out, as it has proven itself as effective at finding game testing jobs.

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