7 Words And Phrases You Must Never Use In Your Resume

writing a resume

One of the basic steps toward getting the job you want is creating a good resume. But this can be a rather tricky business.

In today’s competitive market it is considered a success if your CV even ends up on a hiring manager’s desk.

Even the slightest detail can make the difference between getting an interview and getting a thanks-but-no-thanks email.

In that name, here are 7 words and phrases that you should avoid when writing a killer resume.

1. Think Outside The Box

Ironically enough, using the phrase to think outside the box is not that creative and original anymore. It’s a played-out expression and we should leave it in the early 2000s.

2. Best-Of-Breed

Unless you are an adorable corgi, this phrase is a huge no-no. According to a CareerBuilder survey, 38% of employers who responded think you should avoid this expression when assembling your CV.

3. Win-Win

Win-Win is another huge No-No (get it?). Much like “to think outside the box,” this term should be left in the past.

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4. Go-To Person

Should you put this antique expression in your resume you might end up being a going-away person, unfortunately.

5. Synergy

According to the CareerBuilder survey mentioned above, 22% of respondents rated this word as a deal breaker.

So yeah, nah…

6. Salary Negotiable

This is a perfect example of tautology. The recruiter already knows that you’ll negotiate your salary, that goes without question, so this phrase is totally redundant.

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7. References Upon Request

Another redundancy alert! It’s assumed that, if you’re asked to provide references – you will provide them.

So yeah, all in all, just avoid clichés and you are good to go! Stay tuned for the article about how to use the right keywords on your resume!

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