7 Items to Sell on EBay at a Nice Profit


1. Stuffed Animals

Over the last few years, stuffed animals have become very popular on EBay.

Once you look into this niche a little bit, you will be very surprised at the demand. Stuffed animals, like other items, can be sold used, new and the coveted ‘new with tags’.

As with other categories, stuffed animals become sought after items because many children’s items are manufactured in limited runs, and when they’re gone off store shelves, they’re gone.

There are collectors out there as well as individuals looking for a particular toy so you have a nice customer base that will be interested in your auctions.

Watch for popular movies for children that get released and begin making stuffed animals as part of their marketing. Stock up on stuffed animals that you find, keep the tags attached and pack the products away for safe keeping until you are ready to sell.

Stay away from selling stuffed animals that are not clean. If the stuffed animal is a retro piece and has signs of wear, make sure to describe clearly any defects that stuffed animal has. If you are clear to your buyers in your descriptions, they will be more apt to trust you for subsequent purchases.